Metatrader 5 (MT5)
Client Terminal Metatrader 5 is a part of the online trading system. It is installed on the trader's computer and allows:

· receiving quotes and news in real-time mode;
· viewing price charts of financial securities in one of 21 timeframes ;
· performing trade operations;
· viewing depth of market and trading stock symbols;
· controlling and managing open positions and pending orders;
· conducting technical analysis using 38 built-in indicators and 39 graphical objects;
· writing Expert Advisors, custom indicators, scripts and functions in MetaQuotes Language 5 (MQL 5); 
· working with different language interfaces.

For making a decision to trade, reliable on-line information is necessary. For that, quotes and news are delivered at the terminal in the real-time mode. On basis of on-line delivered quotes, it is possible to analyze markets using technical indicators and line studies. Expert Advisors allow to work off routine of observing markets and controlling of own positions. Moreover, to ensure more flexible control over positions, several order types are built into the terminal.

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MetaQuotes Language 5 ( MQL 5)

The client terminal has its own built-in language for programming trading strategies - MetaQuotes Language 5. This is the fifth generation of MQL languages. It allows writing Expert Advisors that automate management of trade processes, as well as implementing one's own trading strategies. Besides, custom indicators, scripts and function libraries can be created in MQL5.

MQL5 Features:
· The language is object-oriented;
· MQL5 syntax is similar to that of C++;
· It contains a large number of functions  necessary for analyzing quotes, managing positions, calling technical indicators, etc.;
· The language is characterized by high performance;
· It has the integrated development environment MetaEditor that includes a debugger.

The detailed description of all language constructions and functions can be found in MQL5 Userguide.

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MetaEditor is the MQL5 integrated development environment. It is a component part of the client terminal. MetaEditor allows to create, edit, compile and debug source program texts written in MQL5.

· Editor Opening
In order to open MetaEditor, one should execute " MetaQuotes Language Editor" command of the "Tools" menu or the "Standard" toolbar, or press F4. The editor can also be opened by executing the " Modify" command in the context menu of an Expert Advisor, indicator or script in the "Navigator" window.
· MQL5 Wizard
MetaEditor has a built-in "MQL5 Wizard" that helps to quickly create MQL5 programs. The file is automatically saved in the corresponding folder of the client terminal. Templates can be used for creating files of MQL programs.
· Compilation
After the program text has been written, it should be compiled. The successful compilation results in the creation of the program executable code that can be started or tested in the terminal.
· Debugging
If an MQL5 program has a source code, it can be debugged using MetaEditor.

More details about MetaEditor can be found in MetaEditor Userguide.

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Metatrader 5 (MT5)

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