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It is difficult to consider global countings of the euro as it was introduced only in 1998 . The synthesized charts of the earlier period, unfortunately  arenít univocal. Thatís why it is logically to accept the most probable from my point of view mirror pattern of CHF  - the global triple zigzag (refer to Annual-09 USDCHF )as a global pattern on the monthly time-frame, as the euro often repeats mirror-likely the movements of its twin-brother. In  this case all considerations about possible global scenarios of CHF can be referred in full  to the euro.
EUR/USD, Annual Wave Analysis 2009 
Figure E1.Wave counting on the monthly chart. Variant 3-dz.

Thatís why it is logically to suppose that the ending wave z of the global triple zigzag may assume the shape of a double/triple zigzag  while in the nearest future corrective wave[X] of z. will be developing. For the possible scenarios of the development of wave [X] of z refer to the following three Figures.
Figure E2.Wave counting on the weekly chart. Variant 3-dz-1.
Figure E3. Wave counting on the weekly chart. Variant 3-dz-2.
Figure E4. Wave counting on the weekly chart. Variant 3-dz-3.

As the wave structure of this correction develops the number of its  possible variants will be decreasing that will allow to make global scenarios more precise and to project possible targets in the monthly forecasts during the current year.


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