Amazingly, Fibonacci is the nickname of Leonardo Pisano, the renowned Italian theorist of numbers. Though he is one of the pioneering mathematicians, his discovery has tremendously boosted the forex trading by letting the forex traders made enormous amount of profit through the assistance of its technique.

He was the prominent member of the Bonacci family in the 13th century and one of the greatest mathematicians of the Middle Ages. At the same time, Bigollo was another most used name by Fibonacci, which literally means good-for-nothing or a traveler. Later, this pioneer played a pivotal role in conferring significant contributions in the field of mathematics and eventually reviving its prominence.

Fibonacci's father Guglielmo Bonacci was a custom officer in Bejai, an Algerian town. Before Fibonacci travelled to Mediterranean coast but his earlier education was mostly North African type. During his interaction with innumerable merchants, he later discovered different arithmetic logics and the benefits of Hindu Arabic system. This system in the course of time proved to be very valuable and replaced the Roman numeral system.

Important historical facts of the sequence

Mathematical contributions of Fibonacci

Fibonacci introduced the arithmetic system of Hindu-Arabic fundamentals in Europe for the very first time. Its still the positional systems which are continued to be used till today. It contains ten digits and zero and a decimal point.

Fibonacci had written a book- Liber abbaci, the book on abacus or calculating, which explains the different logical methods for doing the arithmetic in the logical and decimal system. This book was completed by 1202 and simultaneously Fibonacci tried his level best to persuade and convince the other mathematicians to apply the system. This book is written in Latin and meticulously explains the different methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. There are many different problems to further explain the process.

The Fibonacci numbers

The Fibonacci number series includes the consecutive addition of first two numbers to give the third one. For example, 0+1=1, 1+1=2, 2+1=3 and so on. So the Fibonacci numbers are 0, 1,2,3,5,8,13, 21, and 43 and so on. Amazingly, these Fibonacci numbers have their role in Forex trade and currency marketing. They aid in the charting of curves, rectangles and triangles through which the forecasting of the forex market is done.

Forex Fibonacci trading


The important contribution of Fibonacci in the number theory is one of the most important incorporations in the domain of arithmetic and calculations. He conferred the following benefits.
Implementation of square root notation.
Introduction of bars in the fractions. Earlier, the numerator used to have quotations around it.

Later it was discovered that the Fibonacci numbers and the respective series were not only limited to the arithmetic but it also played a pivotal role in economics, commerce and trading sectors too.

Fibonacci Forex trading

The concept of Fibonacci forex trading has been used by millions of forex traders all around the world. These numbers forecast the coming oscillation in the forex charts. Though, at the same time, the prediction made cannot be proclaimed as flawless and straight hitting to the mark, the closeness it gets to is quite amazing. Thus, this has also led to the emergence of the Fibonacci price points. Thus, the Fibonacci levels are very elementary and fundamental concepts which need to be grasped before delving into the risky environment of forex trading.

Algorithm of Fibonacci analysis

Technical analysis is one of the most pivotal tools for forecasting the different twists and turns of the forex trading. Resistance and support levels in the bar charts of the forex trading are the most important components which have to be scrutinized through the technical analysis. These levels are very important to know regarding the entry and exit spots of the forex market. For this respective utility, the Forex traders are also using the "retracement" levels involving the Fibonacci percentages. 38.2% and 62.8% are the two most important retracement levels in the Fibonacci percentages.

Retracement technique: the algorithmic sequence in Forex trading

Most of the times, the retracement track is planned by the forex traders with respect to the initial and peak price of the currencies. At the same time, there are other retracement percentages which are used for the technical analysis like 33%, 50% and 75%. For example, if the initial value of any price trend was zero and later it reached to its peak of 100 but eventually, it lowered to 50, its retracement would be 50%. The same concept is applicable in other calculations are well. In the same manner, if the market price is witnessing a downtrend, the "correction" can be applied in it.
Fibonacci numbers and their application in forex market

The Fibonacci numbers were introduced by Leonardo da Pisa, a renowned mathematician of the 13th century. The Fibonacci sequence was invented by him, a series which later became to be applicable to various realms of arithmetic, economics, commerce and even forex trading. The Fibonacci sequence is as follows like 0, 1,2,3,5,8,13 and so on to infinity. The addition of the first two members given the third consecutive number and there on, the process continues. This sequence aids in the forecasting of the forex market, the oscillations in the exchange rates and the currency conversions. Moreover, since forex is all about history repeating itself time and again, the sequence aids in grasping the fundamentals of forex trading.

The Golden ratio

Later, more calculations were made and it became evident that the sequence also follows a certain fixed ration. For example, when the particular number was in ratio with its just next higher number in the sequence, the value came out to be 0.618 while on the other hand, if the number was in ratio with the previous lower number, the ratio came out to be 1.618. Eventually, these two ratio values were known as the Golden mean or the Golden ratio. It was also later realized that the application of the Golden ratio and the Fibonacci numbers in the technical analysis was very beneficial as it also reflected the human behavior and human nature. This is because the Fibonacci numbers and the golden ratio are applicable to everything from architecture to human body, music, biology and art. Most of the forex traders who have been adopting this technique feel that the entire concept is applicable because trading is related to both science and art. They believe that after a lot of meticulous and close scrutiny of the forex market, it becomes clear that both the price movements and patterns of human behavior are interlinked and the Fibonacci technique have relations to both the patterns.

Risk and greed tolerance are applicable to the forex trade and guide the outputs of the trade. Most of the traders, whether long term or short term undergo the risking and greed tolerance levels. In this case, if an average it calculated, it becomes evident that what the current perspectives of the traders are. In the same manner, the Fibonacci sequence reveals through the cost of the pricing instruments that how many traders have reached or are reaching the tolerance levels.

With the application of the Fibonacci techniques, it also becomes easier to predict the various turning points which would crop up in the forex trading.

Fibonacci charting - Fibonacci charting is a tool for finding out stocks, future trades and options. It is used to show cutting edge trading, current trades status and future market. An individual or company use Fibonacci charting to calculate Fibonacci levels and current market status. It also provide the highest and lowest trades of market.

Fibonacci curve

The Fibonacci method: How it reveals the intricacies of the forex trade market

The Fibonacci Method is one of the most essential aspects of forex trading. It basically includes indicators, charting and instrumental spotting patterns. The main strategies which are employed under the utility for the funds traded through exchanges, stock indices and different stocks indicated in the returns.

Furthermore, the Elliot wave concept is used, which includes the classic applications and principles. The main idea behind using the Fibonacci numbers is to predict as a potential tool in the trading system is to predict and calculate the important and pivotal points in the forex markets which might be indispensable in causing sudden twists and turns, analyze the business growths and other economical recycles which might occur. At the same time, these Fibonacci methods are also pivotal in predicting the profitable and benefiting aspects of the interest rate and their movements.

Thus, the Fibonacci numbers and shapes are very important for the forex traders to scrutinize the ups and downs of the market and make more potential profits.

All about the curve, rectangle and the triangle

The Fibonacci curve, rectangle and the triangle are used for important ways for analyzing the forex market. So let's have a look at the significance of Fibonacci rectangles, curves and triangles.

The numbers in the Fibonacci series are 0, 1, 2, 3, 5 and so on. In this sequence the first and the second consecutive number are added to give the third number, which once again added with the other consecutive number gives the fourth digit and so on. So, after following the Fibonacci numbers, squares can be drawn by calculating the small squares next to each other. Now, after making two squares, each of one-one unit, the third square is drawn on the top of the last two drawn squares. The third square which is consecutively drawn is three units in length. In the same manner, the squares are added one by one. This set of added rectangles, which are produced by consecutively adding the length of the successive last two squares, are termed as Fibonacci rectangles.

In the same manner, by joining the quarter of the circles, the curves are drawn, which are present one-one in both the respective squares. This is termed as a Fibonacci shell. In the same manner, if the shape is that of the nautilus shell or a snail shell, it is termed as the Fibonacci curve. In the same manner, the triangle is constructed.

How these work?

These extensions and tools in the Fibonacci trading system are used to measure the growth of the market by comparatively analyzing the overall movement. With these shapes, the forex traders get the ideas regarding the colloquial price areas.

With the application of Fibonacci on the charts, the ratio levels are plotted and the respective direction in which the market is currently moving is penned down. Through this incorporation, the respective levels of the potential resistance and support of the market are also calculated.

Fibonacci retracement

Zero percent is the considered as the peak of the crest of the move while hundred percent is considered as the bottom most point of the trough of the move. The trading signals are revealed by the Fibonacci retracement zones or levels which are calculated at 23.6%, 38.2% and 50%.

Since it's mostly seen that history is continuously repeated when it comes to the forex market, the Fibonacci methods prove be to be very applicable over here. Thus, with these shapes, the forex traders are not only able to predict the entire course of the market, they also end up preventing worthless investments.

Forex Fibonacci trading-Leonardo Pizano
Forex Fibonacci trading
Fibonacci Equations - Fibonacci equations, by definition, are mathematical applications wherein every term of the equation is the sum of its preceding two numbers. The execution of this process, also a property of recursion, is accomplished by initiating the values of the first an second terms as 0 and 1 respectively. The remaining values can be 'recursively' quantified henceforth. Therefore, the calculated sequence processes as 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34 and so on.

Fibonacci Extensions - Fibonacci extensions are furthered developments in Fibonacci fundamentals. These have been extensively tapped by traders and investors in deducing out future support and resistance levels of a particular trend. These levels are plied beyond the standardized 100% level, offering traders to seek areas that yield optimum profits and benefits. 161.8%, 261.8% and 423.6% are perhaps the most well known extension levels in this context.

Fibonacci functions - Fibonacci functions are represented as Fn = Fn-1 + Fn-2; where F denotes a function followed by a subscripted symbolization of its iteration. They can be alternately elucidated as 'a generalized form of Fibonacci numbers'. However, for reporting the magnitude for the nth term, adding the numbers iteratively may produce an uphill task (especially in cases where n is very large). Therefore, a special function has been devised to resolve this impediment, given by: an = [ Phin - (phi)n]/Sqrt[5]; where Phi = (1+Sqrt[5])/2.

Fibonacci Golden Rule - The golden ratio has been a subject of extensive study for mathematicians and naturalists, and is accurately affiliated with the Fibonacci sequence. As the definition goes, Fibonacci sequence is the result of an explicit addition of its two preceding terms. Golden ratio, on the contrary, being derived from the formula: Fn=((Phin-(1-Phi)n)/Sqrt[5]; is the limit of the proportions obtained by dividing the preceding two terms. As the Fibonacci sequence progress rightwards, the ratio of the preceding two terms inches amazingly near to the golden ratio.

Fibonacci quotes - Fibonacci quotes are derived applications of Fibonacci mathematical theories. One of them questions about the number of rabbits that can be bred from a single pair in a year. Differentiating into specifics, the quote says that a man owns a pair of rabbits enclosed inside a walled structure. They can breed every month a pair and start breeding in the second month after their month.

Fibonacci software - The Fibonacci software is a computational instrument used exclusively by people that apply Fibonacci ratios for predicting price and time. It cannot be obtained or availed otherwise. The software is most compatible with ASCII data files of the format DATE TIME OPEN HIGH LOW CLOSE VOLUME, or Metastock ASCII files in the format TICKER, PER, YYYYMMDD, TIME, OPEN, HIGH, LOW, CLOSE. .prn extensions are majorly employed for this software's functioning.

Fibonacci stocks - Fibonacci stocks help the stocks marketer to retrace the latest information about the stock market. Hence the Fibonacci stocks are the Stocks by which a stock marketer can predict and retrace the stocks is called the Fibonacci stocks. In this stock Fibonacci series is used for tracing the stock market information. Now in the other word Fibonacci stocks are the stocks are the stocks in which Fibonacci numbers are used for retracing the latest information of the stock market.

Fibonacci trader - Fibonacci Trader is a work book for providing new strategies and essential timings of up and down market. It is an innovative book for saving yourself from bad market consequences. Fibonacci trader work book teach you market real consequences, also an individual and company use Fibonacci Trader for saving themselves from mismatch market or loosing capital.

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