User guides  - MT5, Metaeditor 5 and MQL5 
Taken from the mql4 forum

Here are the user guides for MetaTrader 5, MetaEditor 5 and MQL5. You can find there many useful information regarding all features and possibilities of the new MT5 Platform. Topics like user interface, working with charts, analytics, market watch and trading, etc. are covered. It is now the best source of documentation to read. ;)

The MQL 5 User guide is not yet available in English so it was translated via Google Translate.

You can find the MetaTrader 5 and MetaEditor 5 user guides in your \MetaTrader 5\Help\ folder. But if you didn't install the MT5 beta, you can download the user guides below.


User guides  - MT5, Metaeditor 5 and MQL5

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