Be prepared to watch the price constantly. Monitoring the price is not an easy job.

Trade the most active hours London and New York.
EUR/USD 5 min
GBP/USD 5 min
(optionally may also trade AUD/USD)
SAR (0.01, 0.1) on the chart
SMA 8 on the chart
MACD (5, 8, 9) + SAR (0.01, 0.1) on this MACD
Scalping system - 2 SARs to go
SAR defines whether we go short or long. We will take only one type of trades according with SAR signals.
Whichever SAR gives earlier signal we take it. (Sometimes it can be chart-SAR, sometime macd-SAR)...

Trading Rules:
When we talk about trend change we mean small tiny trends that are actual for us scalpers on 5 minute chart. We do not want to know what is going on 15 min, hourly or even more so daily chart.

With the first SAR dot appearing on the opposite side (the trend has changed) open one trial position Stop loss -12 (spread not included), Take profit +5. Once profit target has been hit look for the best that current price can offer and open three equal orders. Stop loss for all orders is -12 pips (without spread), profits will be taken next way:

1st order close in 5 pips and later constant re-entry-scalping with rules described below.
2nd order close on 14th (or 18th) SAR dot (whichever SAR got first 14 dots just count them) this gives us some relief that we have scored something. Also you may not wait till certain number of dots and just close second order where you fill it is a good gain to secure.
Another option: if you are familiar with waves and know what price retracement means, look to close 2nd order after the first, at most second clearly noticeble retracement and once the price has recovered and gave a strong move forward.
3rd this order remains open and it is our constant relief that we are always earning something as long as both SARs are in agreement that the trend is alive. We close 3rd order only with the first SAR dot (any of 2 SARs) appearing on the opposite side signaling of a reversal.
Or if you feel it is enough for you do not hesitate and close it earlier!

We trade both currency pairs at once. In total we run 6 open orders maximum.
EUR/USD and GBP/USD have over +90 in correlation which means they move simultaneously almost always. It helps to anticipate good or bad signs watching two pairs at once.

If with the first trial entry we have loss, open next trial position only when both SARs have agreed on the trend. (You may always wait for 2 SARs to be in agreement before entering any trade, but then sometimes you will miss most of the price move).

Now lets move to our order # 1 which is going to be reopened to scalp the market with 5 pips in profit.
Stop loss will remain -12 pips. Profit target +5 pips.

Once hit 5 pips and we are on the same candle (price bar) set limit order on the same candle half way from the current price (this is not to be calculated, just approximately, also you may check previous candle extremes and set order accordingly). In other words, half way means half of the candles current body while the candle continues moving up and down). So, set half way below (for uptrend)/above (for downtrend) the recent price what we want here is for the price to pull back, fulfill our order and bring us another 5 pips on the same spot. If it does not retrace we will not worry as we have our two other orders gaining profits for us.

If a new 5 min candle appears, then project (visually) possible future retracement/pullback close to 8SMA and set limit order there in other words, make your limit order sit on the tip of 8EMA line). Reposition your limit order with each new candle.

Now lets play around 8 SMA. The price really knows this SMA.
a) If most of the candle has closed above (uptrend)/below (downtrend) 8 SMA for the first time buy/sell accordingly.

b) For uptrend when price touches 8 SMA for the first time from above and current candlestick closes above or on 8 SMA buy, but only if MACDs histogram is not sloping down and about to cross 0 line or already below 0 line. If conditions are not met sit and wait...
...And wait for the same MACDs histogram to go below 0 line with the new candle and create a sharp turn (usually) or a rounding turn (not often). Enter on the close of the current candle after the sharp or rounding turn is spotted.

c) Constantly watch the price approaching SAR dots as once they meet SAR indicator will signal for the change of the trend with the new dot not matter what, therefore if spotted prepare to exit do not wait for the SAR as it will redraw signal only in 5 min interval valuable time can be lost. Instead watch the price, find the best offer and exit early with minimum loss.

If one currency pair is showing change in trend e.g. got signal on SAR indicator, but the other does not exit on both anyway. Pairs move simultaneously. So the other reverse signal is on its way to appear. You may find at times that EUR/USD pair usually moves slightly ahead of GBP/USD.

d) If the price for the first time has breached 8 SMA and closed on the opposite side start watching closely the next 3 candles: if it comes back, closes on your side and goes in your favor OK, but if price comes back, closes on your side and soon after goes and attacks 8SMA again and closes on the opposite side exit with all you orders at the first suitable moment, because it is a strong (about 80%) sign of the trend reversal.

Once again the safest mode is:
If two SARs are in disagreement stay out. Once both are telling the same thing get in.

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