"This is an efficient system of scalping that works in 1 minute up to 1 day all periods and all Currency

Ema 3
Ema 5
Ema 7
Ema 9
Ema 11
Ema 13
  •     Color yellow

Ema 21
Ema 24
Ema 27
Ema 30
Ema 33
Ema 36
  •    color Green

  •    Ema 55 Color Red

And Way Works is

Buy Or Sell When the Group of Ema`s Yellow Breaks Ema 55
Take Benefit When Yellow Group Touches The Group Green.

If The Yellow group does Pull Back in Ema 55 or In Green Group Buy or sell again

Take Profit 10 Pip in Breaks Ema 55 And take Profit 5 pips In Pull Back

Stop loss 5 Pip 5 Minute Periods

The Good thing is Works with All periods and all the Currency
Scalping system - EMA Bands

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