MT 4 - Automatize the trading process using Expert Advisors
If you want to automate completely the process of making deals and managing orders, as well as to avoid psychological element while taking a decision but control the current market situation the best way is to avoid routine work is to use Expert Advisors.

Expert Advisors in MetaTrader are special programs, developed in the specialized language MetaQuotes Language 4 (MQL 4) that give possibility to automate analytical and trading operations. Expert Advisors allow to make an analysis of the current market situation automatically and on the base of the signals received they can send commands to execute trading operations and to control open positions.

The technology of testing Expert Advisors on historical data gives possibility to get results as much as possible close to those received from testing Expert Advisors online on a demo-account. To check Expert Advisors’ effectiveness for the period of several years will take no more than a few minutes, i.e. you don’t have to wait for years to confirm profitability of your trading strategy!

MetaQuotes Language 4 language is very simple to learn. However, to create Expert Advisors you don’t have to be a professional programmer, we won’t cover the subject of writing your own Expert Advisor in this book.

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