Informational trading terminal MetaTrader version 4.xx

MetaTrader consists of several elements:

1. the main menu;
2. the toolbars;
3. the «Market Watch» window;
4. the «Navigator» window;
5. charts;
6. the «Terminal» window.

The main menu and toolbars enable you to perform different operations quickly and change the terminal’s settings. In the «Market Watch» window quotations for the instruments you have chosen are shown in real time. With the help of the «Navigator» window you can quickly skip to another account, add indicators on charts etc. In chart window you see dynamics model of the quotations for a certain instrument. Besides price dynamics different analytical objects can be located on charts: line tools, technical and users indicators, text and geometrical figures. Technical indicators (described in detail hereafter) will help to forecast future course. In the «Terminal» window you will get access to the history of trading and nontrading (deposition /withdrawal of money) operations, as well as to open positions and orders. In the same window you can get the real time financial news in Russian and English, provided by the leading news agencies. Also you can get messages from the dealing center via internal MetaTrader mail.

Online quotations in the «Market Watch»

We will describe in detail abovementioned and other options of the informational trading terminal MetaTrader.

«Market Watch» window

In this window you can see real time quotations. The window can be enabled/disabled by Ctrl+M key combination, or by the «View ->MarketWatch» menu, or by button on the     «Standard» toolbar.

By clicking the right mouse button on the «Market watch» windows you can activate the context menu:
«New order» — activate the window of position opening/closing or a new order placement;
«Chart window» — open the chart of the currency pair;
«Delete symbol» — delete the currency pair from the «Market watch»;
«Hide all symbols» — delete all unused symbols from the «Market watch»;
«Show all symbols» — show all instruments in the «Market watch»;
«Time» — add to the «Market watch» a column showing the time of the latest quotations.
MT 4 - Online quotes in the «Market watch» window
MetaTrader 4 (mt4) chart
MetaTrader 4 (mt4)

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